The TR7600 SIII series CT AXI is a new generation of TRI’s hallmark inline PCBA inspection solutions. Designed for 100% inspection coverage at production line speed, the TR7600 SIII combines industry’s fastest high resolution imaging speed with greatly improved image quality in the industry's most advanced automatic X-ray inspection.

Key Features

  • High performance, Highly-sensitive bi-directional Line Scanners obtain high-quality images at high speed
  • Automated programming with easy-to-use Interface minimises engineer workload
  • Optional CT capability
  • True 3D solder joint viewer
  • High Resolution for 01005in Chips
  • Available in LL version for larger board clearance


The TR7600F3D presents a next generation inspection platform for the most demanding PCB design. The inline CT AXI solution combines ultra-high resolution imaging with high definition planar CT inspection, a new robust hardware platform and a redesigned intuitive software to achieve exceptional image quality and reliable inspection results.

Key Features

  • Flat panel scanning obtains images in fine detail
  • Ultra High Resolution for 0250125mm Chips
  • True 3D solder joint viewer
  • Optional CT capability
  • Automated programming with easy-to-use interface


TR7600XLL SII CT is high performance and high speed 3D AXI for the largest server, networking and power PCBs. The TR7600XLL SII system uses TRI's unique shadow-free technology to inspect multi-layer boards with 2/3-layer PoPs, µBGAs, QFNs and Press-fit connectors. Smart programming assistants and multi-resolution programs help maximize production yields on any production line. TRI's Planar CT technology brings true 3D solder joint review for maximum inspection accuracy.

Key Features

 Very Large board edge to edge inspection up to 1000 mm x 660 mm
• Automated programming saves hours of engineer workload
• Multi resolution programs and advanced processing for superior image quality
• Automatic 2D + 3D slice image extraction using Digital Tomosynthesis
• X-ray tube with adjustable output up to 130 kV/300 µA
• Planar CT Imaging for True 3D Solder Review

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